Adrien | About Us
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ADRIEN is just a name. A placeholder. As cliché as it may sound, you are ADRIEN. This isn’t an ideal, someone we strive to be, or a brand to be sought after, but an expression, collaboration, and platform—refining but not defining.


ADRIEN is for those who care like they don’t. With classic silhouettes, manipulated materials, and subtle details, it’s everyday wear with enough edge to blaze the streets of New York. Neutral tones maintain their timelessness, staying effortlessly relevant in the midst of rapid change. Each garment, handmade by Chinese craftsmen using materials that are a statement in itself, is designed to be as versatile as you are, confident and understated.


All this to say, it’s truly your show, our clothes are just the backdrop, a mere compliment to the individual. So let us be your stage, and do you.